All you need to know about the weird, the wonderful, the funky, unhinged and unique....Adventures of Salvador!  [and possibly loads you don't need to know].  Welcome to our parlour....It's all gravy, booby...

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May 26, 2018:
RT @strummercamp12: #manchester there is an alternative to #edsheeran tonight! Head over to #Oldham for #strummercampfestival #punkrockneve?
May 16, 2018:
Great work .....
May 16, 2018:
Been a busy weekend ?Big thanks to New York Tony @bigcity_jacks ?Cheers fella! #studio #recordingstudio #live?
May 7, 2018:
RT @BugbearMusic: @lesnewyorkdolls #SylvainSylvain @ManchesterMusic July 21 @AatmaVenue with @johnrobb77 QandA plus @ill @AdvofSalvador @T?
May 7, 2018:
RT @TonyBugbear: Retweeted Bugbear Promotions @(BugbearMusic): @lesnewyorkdolls #SylvainSylvain @ManchesterMusic July 21 @AatmaVenue with?

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May 26, 2018 Oldham, Lancashire, United Kingdom
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May 27, 2018 Bury, Lancashire, United Kingdom
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Jul 13, 2018 Manchester, United Kingdom
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Jul 21, 2018 Manchester, United Kingdom
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Sep 1, 2018 Ramsbottom, Lancashire, United Kingdom
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Do it Live!


Well, we had a productive weekend !


Gig Update!


Guys we've been busy!

May sees us into the studio for the second album and announcing gigs we're now booking in again - so let's start with this one:




Supporting New York Dolls Sylvain Sylvain at one of his bigger Northern gigs: Manchester's Aatma - and if that's not enough there's another support described as "spiritual heirs to The Slits" and John Robb will be doing Q&A - get your groovy selves in gear and get on it 




How's tricks?


Album track list finally sorted, that’s the difficult second album

....some proper groovy tunes and some lovely new instrumentation

.... oh yes !!! Stay tuned xx


Sunday Funday before the Bank Holiday Monday!



This fantastic fundraiser, the Sunday Funday Before the Bank Holiday Monday!

Come on down, be part of something worthwhile and have fun doing it!


Midweek Mayhem!


Missing us?  Missed out last night - a taster of some of the new stuff we've been putting together over the last few months:

Watch out for us soon!



Beat those January Blues!


Hey groovy people , never mind a weekend of binge drinking;

why not save a few quid and that 2am visit to dixy pigeon (other late light junk food outlets are available) and come and feed your souls with some culture:

a night of cutting edge music the music of the future now....

come and have that seminal I was there moment......

This Wednesday at The Peer Hat (Manchester's Northern Quarter)

we join Ian Moss and the rest of Four Candles for their MANCHESTER MELTDOWN -

a Wednesday weekly event and this is Event number 2!

This week features :

Adventures of Salvador
Neil Bell
Four Candles
Nick Alexander

Looking for more?

We pop up on internet radio worldwide (yes, really) - but for something more local and a lot of decent new music, check out something closer to home tonight:

Twas a t'riffic Twixmas!


Greetings and good vibes for a cool Christmas to all!

Once you've come out of your food coma, make a note on your full fridges for


Retro Lounge Bar, Bury - a late one:

plenty of time for an afternoon nap and to get your dancing shoes on!

It's the Christmas bash!

Get your Christmas Stockings on those dancin' feet people!

Join our groove for the night!

Free Entry and it'll be loud, lively 'n' full of laughs as ever

Beat those winter blues and join us on Saturday 9th at your favourite local!