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Chocolates & Drugs
Adventures of Salvador
Album Cover
Released: Jul 16, 2016
Label: Thrillbaby Records
Track Listing
1 Salvador's Theme
2 Death of Me [Shot Down]
3 Ed's Place
4 Tales of Male Bravado
5 Anne Boleyn
6 Peppermint Twist
7 Ping Pong Head
8 What About Us?
9 Alki Lyme
10 Children of the Worm
11 [We Wrote A] Pop Song
12 Doghouse

Liner Notes

Recorded live in the studio as a full band (what you see is what you get), this is Adventures of Salvador's first album.

Here's what Manchester stockist Piccadilly Records have to say about it:


"Whatever they tell you, punk-rock isn't dead. It is here, living and seething as if it never waned. Raging distorted riffage and frantic beat-perfect drumming form a sturdy and riotous backdrop to the snarling lyrics and grooving fuzzy bass. From opener 'Salvador's Theme', the specials-esque twangy guitar and wurlitzer set the scene, moving straight into the melodic but pummeling 'Death Of Me' , owing more to melodic punkers Bad Religion than their hard-edged 70's counterparts. Throughout, there is sufficient momentum despite the oft-changing pace (moments like the funk-heavy dual-melody line in 'Ping-Pong Head'* have clearly taken more than a little inspiration from The Clash) to sustain interest and keep the listener guessing. Rawkous but cohesive melodic punk, succinct but sonically fascinating. Brilliant."



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