5 gigs in 9 days....rock 'n' roll

OK, it'd be more rock 'n' roll if it were 9 gigs in 5 days with a tonne of partying and we didn't actually have full time jobs and Real Life to contend with!   

But we're loving it and today is gig 2 of 9 as we play Besses Fest.  This is a fundraiser in aid of Christies, held at the Joseph Holt pub across from the Besses o'the Barn Metrolink.  So tomorrow is another "day off", today is Sunday, it's free entry, there's public transport to drop you at the door....what are you waiting for?!

Adventures of Salvador are playing about 8pm and will be as great as we were on Friday night at The Crescent ....hey, no room for false modesty in this game!

If you can't make it down today and Bury is handy for ya.....tomorrow is the massive GLASTON-BURY!

In its 9th year, still raising money for Bury Hospice and local charities, Chris "Bucko" Buckley [Mr Glaston-Bury] and his miniature army of volunteers are out in full force to put on another fabulous day.  150 bands, 10 venues, 12 hours of music - every one volunteering their time and talent.  A £6 wristband gets you in everywhere.  What's not to love about that?


See you soon!

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