A word from the La !

DIRECT FROM FACEBOOK (So it must be true!)

A message from the marvellous Dave Heald to Shangri-La!

"Hey there people of Prestwich and the World. This Friday 19th February, it's that time again when we open the mighty fire doors of The Carlton Club and invite you into a Willy Wonkaesque land of musical and comedical delight.

First on the chocolate superhighway is
Paul Bytheway - we found him supporting Gideon Conn and he's jolly good.
Next we have
Gary from Leeds - we found him in a bin on the M62 and decided to give him the stage for a session.
Then it's (Brace Yourselves)
PICO!!!!!!! - we didn't find him, he was a hideous experiment by the Sponge industry and Jerry Sadowitz's bastard love child.
And finishing off what I'm sure you'll agree is a tip top night it's
The Adventures of Salvador - grooving into somewhere close to the midnight hour with a birthday influenced set of funky shiizzle.
So pack up your Oompah Loompahs and come on
Down to the Carlton Club in Prestwich where you will find that everybody knows your name and if they don't they''all more than likely just call you a .......... (insert favourite Northern insult here).
Doors at 8pm
Ridiculousness till late
Love the La!

x  "

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