Another gig - NEW TUUUUUNES!!

If you have forgotten, we'd like to remind you we are appearing at The Two Tubs, Bury again tomorrow night.  As Dave Jones put it, using his words:

"Hey up, we go again with the ever wonderful Bunker Club at The Two Tubs this Friday the 8th of May with our groovy friends Adventures of Salvador and Anthony Magictallguy Jordan it is going to be hectic and quite frankly it would be silly to miss it. We start at 8pm, do you really need to be anywhere else?"

If that doesn't temp you in, how about this....note we will debuting three new tunes on Friday so be among the first in the world to hear them and oh, we are soooooo excited!!!

It's been a very long "short" week - come shake it from your boots with us!

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