Another weekend blown away....and the fanbase grows

BOLDLY going where most originals bands dare not...and converting them along the way!  Raise The Roof 4 was a resounding success and being the only originals band on the Friday night might seem a little daunting, but with Nigel commencing with "don't worry folks, you probably won't know it because we wrote it" they were warned - and within 5 minutes were dancing and bobbing along to all the Salvador greats.  Merch-girl was kept busy and we went down a storm - so thanks for all who attended, thanks to all who continue to spread the word and the music and to all who supported us by purchasing!  Thanks especially ELR, fantastic crowd , lights , PA, stage,..... Had an absolute ball.... Massive thanks to all involved especially Michelle Morris, Rob, Nick and all the Mainline guys...and all the other staff and volunteers...  [professional photos will follow, but here's Lucy's great little snapshot from the night!]

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