B Festival Bolton Charity Music Festival

*******Line up*****

All on one day in Bolton Town Centre (more acts to be announced) and full programme of events to follow.

Johnny Boy (Northern Soul/Motown), Our Fold, Telling Twins Apart, The Smiths Ltd (Acoustic set), The Jade Assembly, Renegade & Retrospect, Bone Idols, Glassguns, Anarchy Allstars, Hold your Fire, Sky Valley Mistress, Northern Sugar, Peur, Harlen McStar, Trish Chantelle (Amy Whinehouse Tribute), Glassguns, Bullets & Bourbon, Jo Wilde, TV Jones, Naked Stereo, Jordan Allen, Mohawk Radio, Throwing Panda's, Danny Liptrott, SDR, Stephen Pilling, Evil Step Sisters, Faster than Bulls, Adventures of Salvador, Jamie Brewer, Jeffery's Carnival, Brenda Cockle, Lofthouse, Music for confidence, Mike Roberts, April Keen, Brains for Breakfast, James Mason, Gaz Grady, Isabelle Campbell, Jack Devlin, Reus, Johnny Gill, Danny Quin, Connor Peploe, Dan Nicholls, Ian Davidson, Gareth Roberts, Red Light Effect, Blank Cheque, Tom Phillips, Brass Routes, Cian Gleeson, Holly Jenkinson, Liam McClair, Trident, Made in Wonderland, Oliver Wilson, Pixelated Richard, Kai Jones, Toria Wooff, Hymek Manoeuvre, Polite Society, India Mills, John Armstrong, James Holt, Phil Middleton, Acute, Josh Kemp, Alicia Harrison, Patrick O'Brien, *****DJ's, Street Performers, BBQ's, Outside stages, Cheer leaders, Fire eaters, Karaoke's

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