Doctor Rock (Keith Hand) Memorial Gig

Hi y'all ,

well another Saturday another show.... Today's is a bit special too....

It's the Keith Hand Memorial gig at Radcliffe Civic Hall.  Now Keith, for those who don't know, ran a music shop , Doctor Rock in Bury.  He was a true character and one hell of a guy.  Could be a bit. Marmite at times , but someone I considered to be a good friend.

Keith helped a lot of musicians over the years and imparted pearls of wisdom that only really made sense years later; we all have our Keith stories.

Sadly he he left us 10 years ago, but today we celebrate him and raise a few quid for music charity.. So come and boogie the night away , see all your heroes , marvel at his legacy... We all are in some small way....and have a proper good time..... Doors at 4 til whenever and only £6 that's less than a pound a band and we are on about 7:10...... C'mon it raining what else you going to do....

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