Farewell Jonny Zoom...hello Ollie

Sorry we have been a little quiet , but with good reason, we now have a 4th member!

Yes, Jonny Zoom (drum machine/ipad) is in semi-retirement and we now have young Ollie on drums!

So we have been back in the bunker breaking him in so to speak......

This might come as a shock to all the folk who believed our having a drum machine was "our thing".  Although Jonny has been a credible and ultra-tight member of the band since its inception, we have long been seeking a drummer who (a) wants to play in an originals band and (b) can keep up with our sound!  It's a challenge, but Ollie is happy to rise to anything (or so we're lead to believe...)

Also this Saturday Nigel will be spinning some discs at The Globe Inn , Tottington Road , Bury along with Dave in is alternative guise as the solo artiste Loop-aznavour who will also be doing a turn............do come along

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