Glaston-Bury 2015

Hello,'s the summer going?  Yeah, well as various members of the band are off in search of what sun they can find, trying to recouperate for a while, things are on the move elsewhere.

So - the next Bank Holiday is soon to be upon us and what better way to spend it than watching Live Music all day?  August Bank Holiday - Monday 31st August - is just 3 weeks away.  The event? 


Have you not been yet?  Well, Adventures of Salvador have supported this for the last 4 years and this is the fundraiser's 8th year.  The event is the dreamchild of Christopher "Bucko" Buckley and has grown and grown.  A gathering of the finest local bands (and some less local!) who all contribute their time and talent to the cause without fee, come together in the town of Bury, Lancashire, to make it one huge music festival.  The town centre comes alive with music of every genre.  Purchase one wristband at just £6 and you get into every venue to see every band.  Great atmosphere and a great day.

This year Adventures of Salvador's spot is on the Outdoor Stage - come see us!

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