New Single on Spotify's SONGS OF THE DAY

"What About Us?" has been featured on Audio Bonsai's Songs Of The Day playlist - so here's a little about them, in their own words:

" was started with the intention of exploring the world of music and highlighting artists that might otherwise be hard to find. As fathers and husbands with busy work lives, we had gotten away from our passion for music which lead to us beginning to think things like “New music just isn’t as good anymore.” A clear sign we weren’t looking hard enough to find music to love. We figured there must be scores of people in a similar situation and we wanted to help them as well as the artists that deserve their attention. So just how do we do that?

Songs of the Day

Every week we produce a list of seven to nine.... songs from EPs and LPs released the previous week. Our three curators produce their own top ten lists and after these are scored the top vote getters are put in our Songs of the Day... Subscribe on Spotify to be notified when the list is updated....."

CLICK INTO their website below:

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