News and reviews

Well, Friday's Bunker Club at The Two Tubs, Bury, might be in its infancy but it is well on its way to becoming a regular thing if last week was anything to go by!

Sam Tomlins is well worth checking out and if you're passing, pop your head in.  A few people made their week by doing just that.  If you didn't make it, here's a review from "Dave Jones" - the Bunker Club's initiator/boss/promoter:

"Well, what can l say? Another great set from Sam Tomlins who just gets better and better and a mindblower from Adventures of Salvador who left scorched earth. Bunker Club takes a break for a week but will return with more delicious music"

Don't forget this Saturday you can see us at The Crescent, Salford - and we're bringing with us another young local band "The Rocket" who have squeezed in some time between studies to make an appearance.  Come and take a gander and let the music smash away the week's stresses and strains!

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