Reviews from the frontline

Whilst it's great to get a good press review, it's the opinion of our followers that we want to know about and your feedback is the most valuable.  So, we thought we'd share some - give you a clearer idea of what we're all about:

August 2014 when Loop Aznavour and Adventures of Salvador became one band a huge crowd gathered at Molloy's in Bury (our Glaston-bury venue for the day) and the quote of the day:

"The two best in Bury - Loop and Adventures of Salvador - it's pure genius;

like creating one awesome megaband!"

January 2015 when Ollie was released upon the world and our new drummer gave us the final touch we were looking for - at Shangri-La, Prestwich:

"I've only heard them on 'tape' before now (?!) and they were great -

but Live, they are something else - absolutely amazing!"

and last week at The Crescent we heard many great compliments from a very lively crowd, but here's something we like posted to our Facebook page: 

"Is the live at the Crescent release still potentially on the cards? ...the new stuff works really well. Dog House needs a proper studio big volume version. Still, I'd be happy with a live taster. Keep up the good work chaps....during the Crescent gig a punter turned to me mid tune and said

'its the Pistols with a f-in theremin!' No finer compliment could be given..."


Appreciating the lot of you, here's to the rest of the year and hoping we can continue to blow you away!  Thanks for following - and every one of the new Likes on Facebook, Tweets on Twitter and CDs sold mean a great deal to us - as much as you turning out for the gigs themselves.  Cheers.



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