Shangri La!
Shangri La January 23rd line up.
And a Happy New Year to every last glorious, charming and ravishing last one of you!

Sooooo, This is 2015 eh?
Yep, not impressed so far, but you know what?
Maybe that means its simply going to get better and better until it ends up being the totally best year we've ever dreamed of, full of world peace, joy, laughter, exotic holidays,  new friends, free crisps and kittens!
And for those of you who just can't muster up that level of misguided and hoplessly naieve positivity...
Don't worry, be not downhearted for we're here for you!
Like a love filled, life affirming, thermal hug. To warm your cockles, lift your spirits and verify once more the unparralleled benefits of live performance and cheap cheap beer, it's
Shangri La!!!!

This Friday
January 23rd
The Carlton Club
Bury Old Rd,Prestwich
Doors open 8pm
A teeny fiver entry

Come, bring your weary troubled souls and lubricate them in this pool of talent ...
We give you the wee yet mighty
Little Rach

"A wee folkie with a punk spirit " and "Like Joni Mitchell meets Pam Ayres, via Johnny Cash".
She prefers to let others decide for themselves.
 A beautifully pure voice, a true sensibility for live performance, and songs that will make you laugh, cry, and wonder.
So, that's exciting...
Next you shall bathe in the linguistic gymnastics and lyrical charm of the very talented and equally lovely

Ben Mellor
He's wordy, he's musical, he's been know to be beat boxy and he's always brilliant and he needs to update his web page.
And then to wash you down in a lather of soapy sensuous cleansing melody, with a healthy froth of invigorating lunacy with give you the sensational
Adventures of Salvador
They're funky, unhinged and unique and there in Prestwich just for you!
See, lifes not so bad after all.
See y'all there kittens.
Seriously there's nowt on the telly.

Lots of Love
The Shangri La
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