Summertime Music Bonanza!

Oh yeah - it's coming to a close - Summer that is.  Yes, we know it barely started..;

BUT Adventures of Salvador are back out on stage and performing to squeeze the most out of the last days of summer so let us throw some life and fire back into your life and join us on one of our Bank Holiday Weekend Gigs!!!


Starting this Friday, 28th August, at The Crescent Pub, Salford

then:  Sunday 30th August at Besses Fest (For Christies) at The Coach & Horses, Besses o'th' Barn

and finally the BIGGIE - Glaston-Bury 2015 on the main stage


GO ON - get the details from our gig lists and pick one - or two - or go mad and see us at all three!


Look forward to seeing you all there, peeps!


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