The Bunker Club was a BLAST!

Well despite a logistical hiccup, and our trusty PA amp packing up, we sorted sharpish and had a great night down at the Two Tubs! No-one knew we'd worked our hidden magic and the sound was great!

HUGE thanks to all who came out , drank cheered and danced on a cold January night.  It was particularly great to see so many new faces rock up out of curiosity -  much appreciated!

Let's hope it's the start of something at the Tubs....big thanks to Bunker Club Dave for having us, the lovely Risa Hall for her tunes (had the privilege of playing with her at BessesFest last year;  a chilled out "Manc Yank" as she calls herself) and the young Charlotte on her gee-tar.

Our next show is up at the Towler in Totty on the 30th....and stay tuned for album news and maybe a by Frank "MusicScenePhotography" of the night are imminent!



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