This weekend - NOT Glastonbury!

Nigel, our diva bassist, co-frontman and general all-round good guy wants a word with y'all:

"Righty ho then, now I know some of you might be drifting down to Somerset to stand in a muddy field watching Lionel Ritchie... But there is a better option especially on Saturday ... As we are playing at the Crescent with ..some other bands and one particular FANTASTIC headliner that we can't announce just yet! .... It will as ever be a brilliant night, with proper toilets and a convenient bar.... If you do want to replicate the festival experience you are more than welcome to listen to us from the car park whilst periodically pouring pint pots of warm p*** over yourselves then sleep in the park... So just get down to a civilised event and boogie your little hearts away xxx"



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