TODAY: 5.30PM King's Arms Festival, Salford

That's 5.30pm for Adventures of Salvador


BUT - come early and enjoy the whole day - the whole weekend, even!

It's a full weekend of music, comedy and "unexpected" surprises

Well, the doors open at 12noon today (same again tomorrow)

and "early afternoon" something special is happening;

then, there's special Us!

Come on, it's a great weekender this, terrific amount of talent,

laid back friendly atmosphere, good vibes, good music, laughs,

drinks and tasty home made food...what more could you ask for?

Oh yeah - the great people you'll meet.  Get out there!!

Here's us on the main stage last year - this year we're a whole different kettle o' fish with Ollie having joined us - drummer extraordinaire....if you haven't heard the difference yet, oh really need to see is in our full unique glory!  TICKETS AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR ONLY

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