It's another warm 'n' sunny day - room for one more beer garden party, anyone?

How about BESSES FEST?

TODAY from 3pm at The Coach 'n' Horses, Besses o' th' Barn

- that's across from the Metrolink stop (handy!)

  • 3pm Glyn Shipman (acoustic singer songwriter)
  • 4pm Zea Paige (acoustic singer songwriter)
  • 5pm Blues Deluxe (acoustic blues duo)
  • 6pm Charlotte Hackett (acoustic singer songwriter)
  • 7pm Risa Hall (singer songwriter who left New York for Mcr)
  • 8pm Flat Four (Salford based original alt.rock band)
  • 9pm Ibegto Differ (classic rock covers - air guitars provided)


  • 10pm ADVENTURES OF SALVADOR  - US and our uncontainable urbansurfpunkrockabilly let loose!


with great distractions to slip in between sets

plus a magician there's something for everyone!

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