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Hey, pop pickers, some great news!

We've now made it easier for you to get our music to your ears - our Website Shop is now Live!

Currently you can buy copies of our CDs only, but watch this space;  we'll be adding to the collection very soon.  With demand for T-Shirts and us running about trying to hand-deliver CDs we thought it time to get this sorted!

Our Music section will showcase 3 songs from the CDs, which will change periodically....teases, aren't we?

Check them out and buy, Buy, BUY!

New Ping Pong Head Video!


Our new, hot from the volcano, video for Ping Pong Head!

hurry hurry hurry to our Videos section!

Happy New Year!

Hey you lovely people

We at Salvador towers would like to wish you a happy new year

Thanks for the support in what has been a bit of a year....

We have done some great gigs, put out a great cd, had a change of line a drummer  (cat out of the bag?) !!!

Oh it's exciting I tell you .....

So thanks to you all and to our brother Joe Clarke especially xx

Farewell Jonny Zoom...hello Ollie

Sorry we have been a little quiet , but with good reason, we now have a 4th member!

Yes, Jonny Zoom (drum machine/ipad) is in semi-retirement and we now have young Ollie on drums!

So we have been back in the bunker breaking him in so to speak......

This might come as a shock to all the folk who believed our having a drum machine was "our thing".  Although Jonny has been a credible and ultra-tight member of the band since its inception, we have long been seeking a drummer who (a) wants to play in an originals band and (b) can keep up with our sound!  It's a challenge, but Ollie is happy to rise to anything (or so we're lead to believe...)

Also this Saturday Nigel will be spinning some discs at The Globe Inn , Tottington Road , Bury along with Dave in is alternative guise as the solo artiste Loop-aznavour who will also be doing a come along


Hello, nightowls...Go to 23:16 to hear Cynical Love

Next Gig

Ok y'all just a quick plug..... We are on on Friday at the fabulous Crescent in sunny downtown Salford, it's a top little venue, for those who don't know where it is ,it's on the left just before the university if come out of Manchester...about 10 -15 walk from Victoria or deansgate or about £2:00 in a taxi..... But it's free to enter and the beer is much cheaper than town..... Come on down will be fabulous.......

In case you missed it:

Here's the link to the unadulterated show from Monday with guest interviewee the Marvellous Marvin Cheeseman - and Adventures of Salvador open the show with Salvador's Theme!


Ok Pop Pickers it's finally available....... I refer of course , our latest release...."That Ping Pong Head e.p" .... Four tracks of full on Adventures of Salvador wonderfulness..... Seriously we are really made up with it , and hope you lot are , priced at only £2.99 and this is the never to be repeated original de luxe edition , pm us through Facebook or email to get one , we take cash, PayPal, cheques and postal orders , hurry while stocks last..........

New EP

De ja vu

We shall be returning to the wonderful Crescent in Salford on friday November 21st get your dancing asses down there its a hoot and only 5 mins from the city centre.....also the EP is now available stay tuned for more info..........



We've been asked to make an appearance TONIGHT at The Crescent pub in Salford so get into your threads and get out to see us - come down and hear our latest single Ping Pong Head along with our other top tunes - get your dancing shoes on and join us!


Save your pennies...

Don't forget folks save some pennies this weekend.....

Coming next week:

"That Ping Pong Head EP"

14:46 of pure bliss four tracks , oh yes, count em brothers and sisters!

De Luxe packaging as ever only £2:99 email us here or at Facebook and we'll get it out to you .... This is the limited edition CD only 100 pressed in this form 4 page booklet full colour , it's bloody marvellous ..... Won't be available in this form for long......

Be Reet Radio Show

Okay, folks, so we know you're all dying to hear the release of that Ping Pong Head EP:

Well Salford FM played the lead track last Monday.

Go to 19.15 in this clip of the "Be Reet with Tony and Steve" show.

Another taster being played tomorrow (9-11pm). Release is imminent...stay tuned for more news!

Upcoming Release

More exciting news folks ... Not only are we being played on Salford fm tomorrow exclusive preview of some new stuff , but owners of the exciting Nokia 3210 will find some of our tunes downloaded onto their phones for free......(hey if U2 can, so can we...)

Seriously, though, we have had a ball for the last few weeks and we have been uber busy working on new stuff, and a bit of recording..... So tune into Salford FM Monday night the Be Reet show where you can have a preview(listen) of some of our new EP which will be available in the next two weeks.....
artwork done , tracks recorded, duplication sorted -

Who wants a copy.?.... Deluxe packaging ,14:46 of pure Adventures of Salvador bliss....and it sounds mega ,available soon........

Doctor Rock (Keith Hand) Memorial Gig

Hi y'all ,

well another Saturday another show.... Today's is a bit special too....

It's the Keith Hand Memorial gig at Radcliffe Civic Hall.  Now Keith, for those who don't know, ran a music shop , Doctor Rock in Bury.  He was a true character and one hell of a guy.  Could be a bit. Marmite at times , but someone I considered to be a good friend.

Keith helped a lot of musicians over the years and imparted pearls of wisdom that only really made sense years later; we all have our Keith stories.

Sadly he he left us 10 years ago, but today we celebrate him and raise a few quid for music charity.. So come and boogie the night away , see all your heroes , marvel at his legacy... We all are in some small way....and have a proper good time..... Doors at 4 til whenever and only £6 that's less than a pound a band and we are on about 7:10...... C'mon it raining what else you going to do....

Tomorrow's Gig - get down there!

Ok you lot get along to this , we are on at 7:10 so plenty of drinking time either side and a raffle too.... Will be great and top line up all round.....

Doctor Rock Memorial Gig- 4th October

Hi people we are very proud to announce that we are appearing at this - check out our Gig List and local papers for details.

Bit short notice , but please show up, (RADCLIFFE CIVIC HALL) it will be a top gig with loads of top turns, and it's for an epic cause .... And most importantly because he was my mate...Nigel

BREAKING NEWS: Farewell, Friend


Those who have seen us recently will have noticed that our Joe Clarke hasnt been with us.

Joe has now left the band to concentrate on his solo project Backinhumanform

Go check him out......we genuinely wish joe the very best

This is a totally amicable split; we love the guy to bits and no doubt our paths will cross often

Cheers Joe,,,

Another top gig the The Kings Arms festival, as last year opened the festivities thanks to all who came and enjoyed,we most certainly did, followed by some really top acts , met some really cool folks , sorted out a couple of future gigs, and then spent a couple of ours chewing the fat with the fabulous Marvin Cheeseman, a poet raconteur and general good guy, check him out if you can..... Keep tuning in for more stuff pics up later ....ta

King's Arms Festival

Remember folks tomorrow we will be playing at The Kings Arms festival our second time there , early start we are in at one on the main stage , but will be about enjoying the festivities .... It really is one of the cultural highlights of the year , not to speak of the fine ales too.... Hope to see you there

Gigs gigs gigs!

Well that was fabulous , Ramsbottom Festival and especially Chameleon Stage ...

We had a ball and thanks to all who came to watch was lovely to meet you all ... And for those who have never been .... Go ....

It really is a fantastic festival with much to see and do for all ages .... Great bands , food, art, beer , and a lovely setting hope we get to play it again... We will post some pics soon and more news!

In the meantime catch us at The Kings Arms festival £10 for a two day wristband we're on at 1pm main stage it's a great do with lots going on and always some top notch special's on Bloom street Salford about 10 mins walk from Victoria's Paul Heatons boozer so quality assured

Note for the diary!

Well ,another hectic week at Salvador towers ....remember we will be performing at the wonderful Ramsbottomfestival on Saturday.....Chameleon Stage at 3:15 it's a big green and white stripey tent , going to be fabulous , then not forgetting the wonderful The Kings Arms festival on sat 27th our second year at this one, it's a top do.....main stage at 1:00 pm

Big City Jacks

Ramsbottom Festival 2014

Well it's nearly here ,our next show.....the ever so wonderful Ramsbottomfestival at rammy cricket club......

Three days of quality, headline acts include The Levellers, British Sea Power, and Soul II Soul!

We are on on the Saturday 20th Chameleon Stage at 3:30 pm we'd love to see you all there....


What a Day!

Going down a storm doesn't seem a big enough phrase - you guys completely brought the house down!  When Adventures of Salvador took the stage, you all rocked up to check out the "genius killer combination" as Loop Aznavour did his first gig as the new member of Adventures of Salvador, with our completely new set.

You Set the Place BOUNCING!  PING PONG HEAD!!!!

Molloy's reached maximum capacity and there were 30 people listening outside who couldn't get through the doors - THANK YOU BURY.  Not only for our personal support, but for turning out your hard earned cash for a good cause.

To Chris "Bucko" Buckley - proof that what you do every year creating Glaston-Bury is worth it.  Your day will come, our friend.

Glaston-Bury 2014 : TODAY!

Well today is the day Glaston-Bury Bury.....140 acts,£6 ,a day of top entertainment.....

Factory records re visit the Derby Hall ( Met),Dave sharpe , Aziz Ibrahim and many many more

Come on down all of you.....

Btw Adventures of Salvador are at Molloys 5:45 now with new member Dave (Loop Aznavour) and a whole new is going to be a great day come and be part of it all proceeds to Bury Hospice ......

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