Glaston-Bury 2014

For those coming to se us at Glaston-Bury 2014, Nigel 'n' Debs will be managing the stage at Molloy's this year, so keeping logistics and equipment loans simple,  we will be playing there

...fantastic line up 14 stages 140 acts beer food etc it will as ever be epic......

All for Bury Hospice - all for a £6 wristband.  Even Aldi couldn't do better!

BREAKING NEWS: New Band Member!

Much News Pop Pickers.........firstly we have added to the line up ,our dear friend Loop Aznavour who will be ranting playing organ and his mighty Theramin......

also much Gig news :

Monday 25th August - Glaston-Bury Festival
Saturday 21st September Ramsbottom Festival
Saturday 28th September Kings Fest,Salford

google them all for ticketing details

We will update you all on stage times

Its been lovely to be asked to play at these quality events and frankly we cant wait to get back out there.....we have a stack of new stuff to run by you all ,of and bring your boogie shoes......

laters x

Private gig

Not something we've done before, but we did a private gig last night for a dear friend of ours.

Despite volume issues at the venue , the augmented sound and changes worked well.....onwards and up wards next confirmed shows Glaston-bury 25th August and Kings arms festival 27/28 sept .... Stay tuned

Putting it about

Hey y'all just to let you know we are available on spotify..... Some of our older stuff , we'll record some of the new stuff soon......


Much afoot at camp Salvador stay tuned folks .......

Hey pop pickers just a quick hello,

just to report we are currently in a writing an rehearsing phase just now but will be out and about soon with new material and maybe a surprise ......

Keep the faith

Revelling in it!

Well that was ace , outdoor stage at B Fest , nice crowd , and a great vibe , we really enjoyed playing , big thanks to all involved to follow

B Festival Bolton Charity Music Festival

*******Line up*****

All on one day in Bolton Town Centre (more acts to be announced) and full programme of events to follow.

Johnny Boy (Northern Soul/Motown), Our Fold, Telling Twins Apart, The Smiths Ltd (Acoustic set), The Jade Assembly, Renegade & Retrospect, Bone Idols, Glassguns, Anarchy Allstars, Hold your Fire, Sky Valley Mistress, Northern Sugar, Peur, Harlen McStar, Trish Chantelle (Amy Whinehouse Tribute), Glassguns, Bullets & Bourbon, Jo Wilde, TV Jones, Naked Stereo, Jordan Allen, Mohawk Radio, Throwing Panda's, Danny Liptrott, SDR, Stephen Pilling, Evil Step Sisters, Faster than Bulls, Adventures of Salvador, Jamie Brewer, Jeffery's Carnival, Brenda Cockle, Lofthouse, Music for confidence, Mike Roberts, April Keen, Brains for Breakfast, James Mason, Gaz Grady, Isabelle Campbell, Jack Devlin, Reus, Johnny Gill, Danny Quin, Connor Peploe, Dan Nicholls, Ian Davidson, Gareth Roberts, Red Light Effect, Blank Cheque, Tom Phillips, Brass Routes, Cian Gleeson, Holly Jenkinson, Liam McClair, Trident, Made in Wonderland, Oliver Wilson, Pixelated Richard, Kai Jones, Toria Wooff, Hymek Manoeuvre, Polite Society, India Mills, John Armstrong, James Holt, Phil Middleton, Acute, Josh Kemp, Alicia Harrison, Patrick O'Brien, *****DJ's, Street Performers, BBQ's, Outside stages, Cheer leaders, Fire eaters, Karaoke's

Spreading the love

Hello all sorry we've been a little quiet , but our joe has been spreading love and spiritual joy in Florida for a few weeks, any how gig news to be announced this week, and it is curious exciting and a tad different ...... Back soon pop pickers

Tonight's the Night!

Night & Day Cafe, Manchester!

We will be on at 11 but get there early 3 more top acts and great beer etc.....

if you are coming let us know before 8 and we will put you on the cheap entry list....and no worries getting home last tram 1:20 and all night buses are all running...

.so NIGHT AND DAY on Oldham street .... See you all later x

Night & Day

Saturday night Adventures of Salvador playing The Night and Day café, Manchester.
doors open at 8 first band on at 8.45 we're on about 11
£5 on door
don't forget if you let us know you're coming we can put you on 'the list' and you'll only pay £3.


Hello people just a few things , firstly thank you to all that have come out to support us this year we hope you have enjoyed the gigs as much as we have, and also those who bought the single or who have played it in clubs and on the radio...

All in all it's been a good year for us and next year will be even better starting at the night and day Oldham st Manchester on jan 18 , a Saturday too !!!!! So no work next excuses!!!

King's Fest

Re yesterday's gig at the King's Arms. Thanks to all who came along. Thanks to Zena & Paul for having us on, it was a great day of music and comedy!

Friends indeed

Hi people just a quick heads up, tomorrow night on Salford FM our good friend and co conspirator Loop Aznavour is being featured give it a listen and keep your ears peeled for a radio play of our Single on the show.....Loop will be our special guest at the big hands show in November along with chris's all gong to be great and lovely and more exciting news to follow shortly.....


More gig news folks .....firstly October 5th which is a Saturday at Blind Tiger Bolton ,one of four bands in Battle of the Bands

......and November 12th at Big Hands on Oxford Road Manchester (next to the academy) which is a fantastic venue ,we will be presenting our End of the line revue, which features us , Loop Aznavour and all being well the bard of Bury Mr Chris Bainbridge.....which will be a terrific nights entertainment....

Keep watching for more exciting news...

Under The Radar

Hitting the States

Our debut single Happidaze (which you all loved at Glaston-Bury on Monday - you know who you are!) will be appearing on Under The Radar's digital sampler, published next week.

Under The Radar is an American indie music mag with print and online editions and is published 4 times a year. The current issue features Charli XCX on the front cover, and the digital sampler features tracks by (among others) Primal Scream, Tricky, and John Grant

Glaston-Bury 2013

Hi pop pickers...only two days to go.....Glaston-Bury 2013 ....we will be playing Pics Bar ....from around 6 , it's a big big do this year with around 160 acts over 11 venues £ 6 gets you into it all.....and all for Bury Hospice...every act is donating their time and talent so six quid ain't a lot ...... Be there

Great Attitude

The greatest enemy of artists is not the music industry's decline, sleazy club owners, criminal streaming services, snobby music blogs, elitist trendsetters, or snakes out to make a buck by crawling all over you. It's cynicism. Simple as that. To completely drop all cynicism is to open up to something beyond our normal understanding. Communicate from that place and you'll be doing something 99 percent of people don't do; change the world.

Don't miss out!

Tubstock...... What a cracking on to Big Hands in Manchester on Tuesday you really want to be one of the people who have never experienced Adventures of Salvador ??? Thought not so be there

It's all about you

Well May hem was good ,at last a decent sound ,we enjoyed ,they enjoyed it, could have played all night......but another 5 acts after us ..... Good do all round


These gigs would be nothing without YOU - keep music Live, keep it ALIVE!

Happidaze video

Now done and uploaded to YouTube

buy buy buy!

Hey music lovers don't miss out on the single , remember the first run is a limited edition de-lux version.......on sale via eBay to make things easy(PayPal etc)or in person or pm us in Facebook for other options....going well so far

Live at short notice!

Time:  Tomorrow at 8pm

Place:  Souind Control, Manchester


Hi everyone, this was only arranged this morning - we're playing tomorrow night in support of Rat Attack (great name!). The first ten people to message us on Facebook get in FREE.

We're up against Beyonce so looking for people is priority!

Out Now!

Ok pop pickers......they are finally available.....Our first official single release......Currently only available on limited edition CD....full colour 4 page artwork very very limited numbers.....these could be worth a fortune one day!!!! its a self funded release and features Happidaze and a new recording of Silent Sky....we are really pleased with these...only £2.99 inc postage.....or at any gigs whilst stocks last........go on support your new favourite band.........

Not that we're excited, but...

Inlay of our new single!!

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