New Single on Spotify's SONGS OF THE DAY

"What About Us?" has been featured on Audio Bonsai's Songs Of The Day playlist - so here's a little about them, in their own words:

" was started with the intention of exploring the world of music and highlighting artists that might otherwise be hard to find. As fathers and husbands with busy work lives, we had gotten away from our passion for music which lead to us beginning to think things like “New music just isn’t as good anymore.” A clear sign we weren’t looking hard enough to find music to love. We figured there must be scores of people in a similar situation and we wanted to help them as well as the artists that deserve their attention. So just how do we do that?

Songs of the Day

Every week we produce a list of seven to nine.... songs from EPs and LPs released the previous week. Our three curators produce their own top ten lists and after these are scored the top vote getters are put in our Songs of the Day... Subscribe on Spotify to be notified when the list is updated....."

CLICK INTO their website below:

Piccadilly Records - Album Review


and we are pretty pleased with the review

"Rawkous but cohesive melodic punk, succinct but sonically fascinating. Brilliant."

For the full review click

New Followers....hello and welcome

Many new followers over the weekend - hello and welcome to our wonderful word! New music uploaded for BBC Introducing, too.....picking up a pace, lots being done - keep watching and stick with us folks! Exciting times at Salvador Towers!

Head to, upload your music and you could have your tracks broadcast on BBC Radio

Ramsbottom Festival - Opinions

and a word from Nigel's missus (and Band Manager):



we were announcing a cancellation and Nigel's traumatic rush to hospital. 

Today the man himself, in perfect health and fully recovered without any residual

issues, gives you this:

Good Morning Campers it's Friday, so exciting things happen ,

Remember we are opening Ramsbottom Festival today it's an early start

so blag the afternoon or come down with an appropriate ailment....

Either way see you there.....Also today is Album Release Day.....

On iTunes Spotify etc also CDs from us and Piccadilly Records in Manchester ,

please buy something it's not like we'll ever get rich

but it would mean we can make some more ......

Love to you all

Piccadilly Records, Manchester

It just gets better - SINGLE RELEASE

YES - this week "What About Us" is released as a single

on iTunes and digital platforms...

from the album Chocolates & Drugs -

out Friday as we open Ramsbottom Festival!

Stop...rewind....WHAT DID YOU SAY??

Ramsbottom - one week to go!

More heavenly sinful tunes....

We're becoming regulars on Sin Radio (gotta love that);

"Respecting the old, discovering the new"

Well, we think they get a bit of both in Adventures of Salvador!

Today they feature Children of the Worm from our album

Chocolates & Drugs released in 9 days time...

Revisit/rewind/replay  HERE

Are you with us on Twitter yet?

What are we up to?

Ramsbottom Festival Next!


Adventures of Salvador

are opening the show!


Ramsbottom Festival 2016

Friday 18th we open the whole thing...



So early dart from work...

Jump around with us for a bit , then we will be gathering for cocktails at the bar ...

And making a night of it , and what a terrific line up it is too...

Do come and join us and claim your free badge !!!!

This Saturday - Crez-Fest 2016

We're back at The Cresent Pub, Salford, supporting their all day festival in aid of  the Myeloma cancer Charity.

Expand your musical horizons!

Great bands on through the day plus BBQ and into the early hours of the morning the music will continue inside the pub. Bands coming up:

Crazy Horse: 4 - 4:30
Picnic Area:  5 - 5:40
Wolf:  6 - 6:40
The Moods: 7 - 7:40
Adventures of Salvador: 8 - 8:40
Blaney: 9 - 9:40
Death To The Strange: 10 - 10:40

Drinks offers, good food, good vibes, good music - see ya there good people!

Glaston-Bury 2016 - outstanding

Well yet again we loved it - Glaston-Bury Bury (or Glaston-BURY Festival) was bigger and better than ever with the most fantastic atmosphere.

Well done Christopher Bucko Buckley and your army.  There really is something special about that gig and the meeting of people.

Molloy's Pub Bury did us proud again....teamwork guys. Glad to be part of it - five years after we did our first ever gig there (if you remember that was in our original form at The Two Tubs, the oldest pub in Bury). Things have moved on and the place bounced to Ping Pong Head once more - keep doing it people!

Opening Ramsbottom Festival this year - hope to see you again there!

A mention from the organiser - BessesFest

Did you pop in today? Thanks!

Big Bank Holiday Weekend

Fancy a freebie?


Well, we're in the studio working on just that -

a previously unreleased track ...a little taster to

quench that thirst for something new!

Monitor the void......we're going to throw something into it

Aural Delights 193


Adventures of Salvador's Anne Boleyn

from the soon-to-be-released debut album:

Chocolates & Drugs


Tomorrow night's gathering is....

Sin Radio! Intruigued?

Bob Osbourne of German Shepherd Records brings you: 

Aural Delights on Sin Radio - and he kicks this session off with US!

From our new album Chocolates & Drugs, he's playing the funky "What About Us?"

which give a nod to the seventies glam gang...sticking pins in your universe



Roll up, roll up for a special night!

Roll up, roll up all you Salvadorians!

You are going to want something to look forward to in the cold months of that might seem a long way off, but tickets for this gig are "Limited Edition" as it were, in that it is an intimate venue: only 80 will be sold in total. Click on the photo to get to the ticketsite - only £5!!  If you can't do it yet, make a note for payday and get on it!

If you haven't checked out Georgio yet, give yourself a little joy today and feast your're highly unlikely to be disappointed

What a week!

Out of this world!


RAISE THE ROOF 5 was a blast!

Facebook is flooded with video, photos and positive vibes

Glad you escaped with us for a while - come back soon!

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