Oh, Shangri-La....!

That was as ever fabulous .....

Shangri La in Prestwich!

Now if you have never been you really must...last night we had:

a multi instumentalist looping act ...Paul Bytheway

a poet ..Gary from Leeds

a puppet act ..Pico and friends ("offensotainment"!)

.... And of course us ....


Great and large crowd , it's a must go google it...

Big big thanks to Jo Dave,Strat ,Debs and all involved ...

it's only once a month but well worth it and only a fiver....

Tonight's Celebrations!

A word from the La !

DIRECT FROM FACEBOOK (So it must be true!)

A message from the marvellous Dave Heald to Shangri-La!

"Hey there people of Prestwich and the World. This Friday 19th February, it's that time again when we open the mighty fire doors of The Carlton Club and invite you into a Willy Wonkaesque land of musical and comedical delight.

First on the chocolate superhighway is
Paul Bytheway - we found him supporting Gideon Conn and he's jolly good.
Next we have
Gary from Leeds - we found him in a bin on the M62 and decided to give him the stage for a session.
Then it's (Brace Yourselves)
PICO!!!!!!! - we didn't find him, he was a hideous experiment by the Sponge industry and Jerry Sadowitz's bastard love child.
And finishing off what I'm sure you'll agree is a tip top night it's
The Adventures of Salvador - grooving into somewhere close to the midnight hour with a birthday influenced set of funky shiizzle.
So pack up your Oompah Loompahs and come on
Down to the Carlton Club in Prestwich where you will find that everybody knows your name and if they don't they''all more than likely just call you a .......... (insert favourite Northern insult here).
Doors at 8pm
Ridiculousness till late
Love the La!

x  "



A Smorgasbord of Entertainment!

If you haven't yet experienced a night at SHANGRI-LA

well, you are missing out on something truly special!


Step back in time at The Carlton Club, Prestwich

where once a month Shangri-La descends and transforms

this unassuming location, enveloping all within, taking

them to a world of glitter balls, standard lamps, table haribo

(yes, that's right) and brings with it entertainment from around

the globe.  Genuinely.  There have been opera singers, mimes,

psychics, poets, musicians and dancers of all fields from all

lands and always having a band close the show and

a disco to follow - not to mention the legendary Rubbish Raffle!


Enchanted?  You should be!  All for £5!

Did we mention the appealingly-priced bar?  And PIES??

we will be celebrating drummer Ollie's 21st HERE!

Also appearing:  Paul Bytheway, Gary from Leeds,

and Pico & Friends (offensotainment)!



TONIGHT! Doors 7pm - Show 9.15pm

We are proud to say we will be one of the last bands playing at The Railway Venue, Bromley Cross, Bolton

- probably one of the most famous venues in the UK -

If you haven't heard of it, WHY NOT??

Just look at who have played there!

Sadly, the Railway will no longer be a "Venue" as the brewery are turning it...

into an "eaterie":  But we thought music was the food....?.oh never mind

So....here's a chance for you to say "I was there" and come join us before the doors close in April.  It's £5 on the door  - small price for a venue of such great history, with an excellent set-up, and live bands - international singer/songwriter Stuart Warburton will be opening with us, too!

See you there!   For more details click HERE


Sorted for Valentines Day?

Another top night despite the weather!

Well then another top night , this time at the Hark to Towler, in Totty!

Thanks for rockin up on what was a bit of a grim night - and thanks to all at the Towler for having us: Amanda, Will, and to Duncan for sorting the sound.

Stay tuned for more gig and album news.....

Photos to follow and probably some video but for now a snap by Frank (Musicscenephotos)


Something for the Weekend??

Well, if you're looking for something this weekend, why not head on down to the Hark To Towler in Tottington on Saturday night?  Will & Amanda are really bringing the mojo back to the place and it's getting a real music buzz about it again.  We're pleased to be supporting them in their endeavour and will be there this weekend.

Not only that, but supporting will be the world renowned legendary singer-songwriter Stuart Warburton, former frontman of The Rhythmaires!

All this - and FREE ENTRY.  Get yourselves back to the Towler.  If you've not been for a while, you've been missing out!  It's rocking all over again!  See you there peeps!

A snippet from The Bunker Club

The lovely Risa Hall filmed a quick clip of "Ed's Place" on Friday - what did she say? Oh yeah....

"Never too old to rock #adventuresofsalvador #rockband #punkrock"



or on Instagram HERE

The Bunker Club was a BLAST!

Well despite a logistical hiccup, and our trusty PA amp packing up, we sorted sharpish and had a great night down at the Two Tubs! No-one knew we'd worked our hidden magic and the sound was great!

HUGE thanks to all who came out , drank cheered and danced on a cold January night.  It was particularly great to see so many new faces rock up out of curiosity -  much appreciated!

Let's hope it's the start of something at the Tubs....big thanks to Bunker Club Dave for having us, the lovely Risa Hall for her tunes (had the privilege of playing with her at BessesFest last year;  a chilled out "Manc Yank" as she calls herself) and the young Charlotte on her gee-tar.

Our next show is up at the Towler in Totty on the 30th....and stay tuned for album news and maybe a taster.....photos by Frank "MusicScenePhotography" of the night are imminent!



TONIGHT's Free Entry Gig!!

Miss us last time? Miss the Double Encore?

Did you miss the dancing, the loud music, the good time?

Well, now's your chance to catch up!

Another top night in store from The Bunker Club with live music, great sounds and good people - what's not to love? Shake off those January blues and come on down!

It's Free Entry, it's handy for the tram (less than a 5 minute walk from Bury Interchange);

If you've not seen us yet, this is an ideal opportunity!

Two Tubs Inn, Bury - hey, it's also educational and cultural;

you'll be visiting the oldest pub in Bury whilst supporting Live Music!


Go on, kick-start your weekend by shaking off those January blues with us!

Progress Report!

Happy New Year!


Final gig of the year!

Great end to our gigging year at The Towler, Tottington!

Twas a cracking night at Mick Turner's 51st/ Mickfest.....

thanks to all involved....

Now for a little break whilst we finally get round to recording the album ....

Then back out on the road .... So looking forward to 2016....

Review - Mono, Chorlton

Last night: Mono, Chorlton.

Great gig, sound, people. Day 7 of 24 nights of bands.

Mathew Hibbert's Adventfest is quite a feat and if last night is anything to go by,

a treat behind every door! Get down there if you can!

TONIGHT @ Mono, Chorlton

Hey it's Monday and another new week of fun and frolics!

It starts with us on at Adventfest at Mono in Chorlton TONIGHT!


It's free to get in and bollocks to it being a school night -

5 bands for free??  That's a real Christmas gift!


.....see you all later - we're on at 9.30pm

Next week starts on Monday of course


9.30pm on Monday night - free entry and 5 bands you lucky lot!

Wow, What a Great Night!

Wow ,what a great night..

great line up Surfin Dave, us,and Wreckless Eric

Great venue,Bury Art Gallery...

A great audience (full house ) we had a ball ......

Did we mention it was great ...

Thanks to Lee, Mainline, and all at the gallery ....





Surfin Dave-7:30-8
Adventures of Salvador- 8:15-8:45
Wreckless Eric-9:15-10:25
Last orders 10:15

The bar has been supplied by our ace friends Kwoff..


THIS WEEK - few tickets left!

It's on again this Saturday - Salvador noise supports Wreckless Eric - yep, the one and only - along with Surfin' Dave.  If you haven't got tickets yet, this rather special venue has limited numbers and are close to selling out so get on it!  TICKETS HERE!


Friday 13th!

That means just one thing to us - A WEEK UNTIL WE OPEN A BEER FESTIVAL!

Oh, you want more information than that?  What, when where ...??


"Quite simply genius" - we're happy with that!

8pm free admission - get down there!


Did you miss it?

Kevin Farrell blew us away - if you are looking for a truly great acoustic original, he's the man.  His take on last night?

Chris Bainbridge, the Baird of Bury, did an impromptu one (!) after The Nearly Dead Poets had introduced us to their style of poetry (shame their guitar accompaniment didn't show, but they soldiered on regardless)

Stuart Warburton is a legend in his own lifetime and was terrific.  Moved some of the crowd to tears with his lyrical stories and giggling with other renditions - brilliant.

Their take on us?  Kevin Farrell: 

"What a fantabulous night at The Two Tubs....Thankx Dave Jones for having me!  Adventures of Salvador aced it!  And they had a theremin!!  Brilliant :-)"

Chris Bainbridge:  "Bloody Brilliant!  Adventures are seriously my favourite band.  Really.  Genius"

And the organiser  Dave Jones

"Massive thank you to everyone who made it a cracking Bunker Club at the Two Tubs last night with Stuart Warbarton, Kevin Farrell, Adventures of Salvador and, of course, the Nearly Dead Poets. Smashed it!"

Back to the studio now.....next up is The Station @ Ashton as we open their Beer Festival on Friday 20th November!  Keep it warm!

TONIGHT at The Bunker Club!

We are on with the renowned Stuart Warburton and joined by Kevin Farrell 

JOIN US - it plans to be a really firecrackin' night!


So, seeing as our Hallowe'en took a change and you're missing a gig, we thought we'd spread a little joy in sharing knowledge.....enjoy your night, however you choose to spend it, Salvadorians!

Here are 13 fabulous facts for ya!

1. Halloween goes by multiple names: All Hallows’ Eve, Witches Night, Lamswool Snap-Apple Night, Samhaim and Summer’s End.

2. There’s a reason broomstick became associated with witches! Old women accused of witchcraft were typically poor. Since they couldn’t afford horses, they used a walking stick, which was replaced by a broom to help them travel.

3. Just like broomsticks and witches are synonymous, so are black cats and witches. This is because it was once believed the felines protected the powers of witches.

4. Harry Houdini (1874-1926) is one of the most famous and mysterious magicians. He eerily died on Halloween night in 1926 from appendicitis after he suffered three stomach punches.

5. Samhain, which is an Irish Celtic festival, inspired Halloween. It celebrates the end of the harvest season. The tradition spread to the rest of the world after the Irish fled Ireland because of the potato famine.

6. Jack-o’-lanterns started in Ireland, too. Candles were placed inside of hallowed-out-turnips to keep away evil spirits on Samhain.

7. Ever wonder why orange and black are traditional Halloween colors? Orange represents the harvest and black represents the death of summer.

8. Trick-or-treating might have started from the superstition that ghosts could disguise themselves as humans and knock on doors for food or money. If they were denied, the spirit could haunt the person who refused it.

9. It was believed that the boundary between the living and dead was blurred on Halloween. Since the living were allowed to walk among the dead, human would wear ghoulish masks and dress up so the spirits would not recognized them.

10. Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween.

11. Halloween might have originated 4,000 B.C.

12. Salem, Massachusetts, and Anoka, Minnesota, claim to be the Halloween capitals of the world, even though the holiday originated in Ireland.

13. Halloween only precedes Christmas as the highest grossing commercial holiday.