Did you miss it?

Kevin Farrell blew us away - if you are looking for a truly great acoustic original, he's the man.  His take on last night?

Chris Bainbridge, the Baird of Bury, did an impromptu one (!) after The Nearly Dead Poets had introduced us to their style of poetry (shame their guitar accompaniment didn't show, but they soldiered on regardless)

Stuart Warburton is a legend in his own lifetime and was terrific.  Moved some of the crowd to tears with his lyrical stories and giggling with other renditions - brilliant.

Their take on us?  Kevin Farrell: 

"What a fantabulous night at The Two Tubs....Thankx Dave Jones for having me!  Adventures of Salvador aced it!  And they had a theremin!!  Brilliant :-)"

Chris Bainbridge:  "Bloody Brilliant!  Adventures are seriously my favourite band.  Really.  Genius"

And the organiser  Dave Jones

"Massive thank you to everyone who made it a cracking Bunker Club at the Two Tubs last night with Stuart Warbarton, Kevin Farrell, Adventures of Salvador and, of course, the Nearly Dead Poets. Smashed it!"

Back to the studio now.....next up is The Station @ Ashton as we open their Beer Festival on Friday 20th November!  Keep it warm!

TONIGHT at The Bunker Club!

We are on with the renowned Stuart Warburton and joined by Kevin Farrell 

JOIN US - it plans to be a really firecrackin' night!


So, seeing as our Hallowe'en took a change and you're missing a gig, we thought we'd spread a little joy in sharing knowledge.....enjoy your night, however you choose to spend it, Salvadorians!

Here are 13 fabulous facts for ya!

1. Halloween goes by multiple names: All Hallows’ Eve, Witches Night, Lamswool Snap-Apple Night, Samhaim and Summer’s End.

2. There’s a reason broomstick became associated with witches! Old women accused of witchcraft were typically poor. Since they couldn’t afford horses, they used a walking stick, which was replaced by a broom to help them travel.

3. Just like broomsticks and witches are synonymous, so are black cats and witches. This is because it was once believed the felines protected the powers of witches.

4. Harry Houdini (1874-1926) is one of the most famous and mysterious magicians. He eerily died on Halloween night in 1926 from appendicitis after he suffered three stomach punches.

5. Samhain, which is an Irish Celtic festival, inspired Halloween. It celebrates the end of the harvest season. The tradition spread to the rest of the world after the Irish fled Ireland because of the potato famine.

6. Jack-o’-lanterns started in Ireland, too. Candles were placed inside of hallowed-out-turnips to keep away evil spirits on Samhain.

7. Ever wonder why orange and black are traditional Halloween colors? Orange represents the harvest and black represents the death of summer.

8. Trick-or-treating might have started from the superstition that ghosts could disguise themselves as humans and knock on doors for food or money. If they were denied, the spirit could haunt the person who refused it.

9. It was believed that the boundary between the living and dead was blurred on Halloween. Since the living were allowed to walk among the dead, human would wear ghoulish masks and dress up so the spirits would not recognized them.

10. Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween.

11. Halloween might have originated 4,000 B.C.

12. Salem, Massachusetts, and Anoka, Minnesota, claim to be the Halloween capitals of the world, even though the holiday originated in Ireland.

13. Halloween only precedes Christmas as the highest grossing commercial holiday.


THINK we're resting?? Oh no....we are transforming Salvador Towers into a studious studio in preparation for the creation of our first Album!


Next up....

Still easing his way back into it after the midnight gig last week and keeping it local, next Friday (stick it in y' diary folks, we know ya missed us as much as we miss you!)...it's back to The Bunker Club at The Two Tubs in Bury.  Should be another good night, starts about 8pm so plenty of time for that end of week catnap before kicking off the weekend again with Adventures of Salvador.

"Well, what can I say, who needs fireworks when you have the Bunker Club ? Our Great friends Adventures of Salvador are headlining a stella cast and ,of course, the usual nonsense. the best fun you can have with your clothes on (optional) and we may even get the log burner going!"

~ Davey Jones, Man Behind The Bunker Club



Free Entry!!

A musical extravaganza at Blind Tiger in conjunction with Bury Light Night - see the lights, eat the chips then boogie those bones to shake off the love handles. Will be a great night all round and will see the return to action of Adventures of Salvador in full force!

We will be playing at MIDNIGHT so get your groove on!

Want to know what's up next?

Well, we are looking forward to....

This Friday :   BURY LIGHT NIGHT

and Adventures of Salvador will be performing at Blind Tiger - a few quality acoustic nights on first (so the restaurant upstairs doesn't get disturbed!) and then, once you have had a chance to look around the town, come down to the bar, have a relaxing drink and break in the weekend with us, on from 11pm....live 'n' lively once again!

Friday 20th November we are pleased to have been asked to open The Station's Beer Festival at Ashton-under-Lyne

Another exciting gig, Saturday 28th November - get that on your calendar!  We are proud to be welcoming Wreckless Eric back to the UK and he kicks it off in Bury - tickets and more information available by clicking this link to THE MET

We'll also be meeting up with our friend Surfin' Dave again - great, so you get real value for money!


Lots more irons in the fire and bookings have already been made for next year!! Stay tuned!


One Week to go!!!

Hey pop pickers...... We're back !!!! Now our Lazarus like bass player Nigel , has risen once more .... We shall be appearing at Blind Tiger Bury next Friday 16th as part of Bury Light Night, frankly we can't wait .... Been too long stay tuned for more details xx

Oh yeah, baby....

You know you just can't help it when your band get together for a "quick catch-up" during the recovery period and you write a new song.....

Full rehearsal next week, but we still got it!

Itching for Bury Light Night at Blind Tiger Bury on 16th!

Invalid Update...He's Home

Tentative steps....the man is now recovering at home.

He could stand the quiet no more!

Huge thanks to the staff of Ward F5 North Manchester Hospital -                                             it might be an old place, but the level of care was faultless.

Band reunion this week as we mull over new ideas and have a catch up. Will be up, running and making noise again before you know it!

Invalid Update...

For all Salvadorians wondering what the latest is....

Nigel is making progress, much slower than he'd like, but progress

There are no other complications and so it is hoped he will be

out of hospital and back among us within a week.

Meantime, we have cancelled our appearances at the "We Shall Overcome" gigs we were due to attend over the first weekend in October.  The guy needs a rest!  We wish all venues and acts involved across the country a successful weekend.  Thanks in particular for the good wishes offered from Pauline of The Station Pub, Ashton-under-Lyne, where we were due to play on the Sunday night

Next gig will be for our wonderful Blind Tiger, Bury on Bury Light Night

- that's Friday 16th October.  By then he will be chomping at the bit to entertain you!

For your entertainment....

Ok, so we realise you might be missing your fix of Adventures of Salvador and with Nigel still recovering in hospital there's a bit of a gap in the gig calendar.....HOWEVER....!!!

For your delectation and delight we have added new Videos to the website!  All links through to YouTube put up by our good friend Jonesthecameraman and going back to our Pop Song EP Launch which took place at Blind Tiger, Bury earlier this year.   So feast your eyes and ears, dear friends....for live and loud Adventures of Salvador!!




We are sorry to have to tell you that Adventures of Salvador will no longer

be "opening the show" at Ramsbottom Festival


Unfortunately, Nigel was rushed to hospital yesterday and will be out of action until he responds to treatment. Although he begged the band to "play on" and find a replacement, they are united in their stance that he is "irreplaceable", as all 4 members are corners of the perfect jigsaw that is Adventures of Salvador.

Besides which, no-one can pull off a purple suit like our fabulous bassist can....

We will be back to ignite you very soon. Meantime, if you have tickets, enjoy - Ramsbottom Festival is a truly great event.  We would like to thank everyone there for their understanding.

From all at Salvador Towers, we thank you for your support x


Our next gig .... RAMSBOTTOM FESTIVAL 2015

Friday 18th we open the whole thing...

So early dart from work...

Jump around with us for a bit , then we will be gathering for cocktails at the bar ...

And making a night of it , and what a terrific line up it is too...

Do come and join us and claim your free badge !!!!

What a Blast!

Woooooooo you do gigs then you do gigs ....

We have just finished 5 in 9 days and have to say Kingsfest was very special ....

Thanks to all who were there we really enjoyed that ... Great venue great sound and great crowd proper brilliant... 

In fact, last night at Kingsfest was possibly our best gig yet for us -

and that's saying something!  Huge thanks to all of you dancers, boppers, bobbers and

#bonkers!  Lots of new followers on Twitter, Likes on Facebook and people looking

forward to our next gig.....we can't wait x

[photo courtesy of Lucy Weaver....drummer's girl, lucky lad....]

TODAY: 5.30PM King's Arms Festival, Salford

That's 5.30pm for Adventures of Salvador


BUT - come early and enjoy the whole day - the whole weekend, even!

It's a full weekend of music, comedy and "unexpected" surprises

Well, the doors open at 12noon today (same again tomorrow)

and "early afternoon" something special is happening;

then, there's special Us!

Come on, it's a great weekender this, terrific amount of talent,

laid back friendly atmosphere, good vibes, good music, laughs,

drinks and tasty home made food...what more could you ask for?

Oh yeah - the great people you'll meet.  Get out there!!

Here's us on the main stage last year - this year we're a whole different kettle o' fish with Ollie having joined us - drummer extraordinaire....if you haven't heard the difference yet, oh my....you really need to see is in our full unique glory!  TICKETS AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR ONLY

All geared up and on a roll

Great gig tonight at The Railway Chorley , with those Taser Puppets

....they really are ace....

thanks to all for having us over.....

............The Kings Arms next Kingsfest!

We're on at 5:30 hope to see one or two of you xx

This weekend is just as exciting!


Now the dust has settled from what was a fantastic weekend,

we need to look forward to the next one:

Two , oh yes TWO opportunities to catch us!

First one on Friday at The Railway in Chorley supportingTaser Puppets

Saturday we will be back at The The Kings Arms Salford for Kingsfest

an all action indoor 3 day festival.... We're on the Main Stage at 5:30....


Well, that was a fabulous weekend

Friday at The Crescent Salford, Sunday at Besses Fest , and yesterday at Glaston-BURY

Met loads of great people, watched some proper top turns, and had a ball playing our tunes ....loved being on The Ange Rogers Stage ( main stage) and looking out on a fabulous audience , hey you didn't need to come nor stand or dance in the rain but you did , and we really appreciate that you did ...thanks

If you missed us (HOW????!!!)  then you can take a peek at us and other great acts on the main stage courtesy of Digital Tree's video here



It's Here!!

5.00-ish p.m. Main Stage (Outdoor Stage)

ADVENTURES OF SALVADOR - Not to be missed!

5 gigs in 9 days....rock 'n' roll

OK, it'd be more rock 'n' roll if it were 9 gigs in 5 days with a tonne of partying and we didn't actually have full time jobs and Real Life to contend with!   

But we're loving it and today is gig 2 of 9 as we play Besses Fest.  This is a fundraiser in aid of Christies, held at the Joseph Holt pub across from the Besses o'the Barn Metrolink.  So tomorrow is another "day off", today is Sunday, it's free entry, there's public transport to drop you at the door....what are you waiting for?!

Adventures of Salvador are playing about 8pm and will be as great as we were on Friday night at The Crescent ....hey, no room for false modesty in this game!

If you can't make it down today and Bury is handy for ya.....tomorrow is the massive GLASTON-BURY!

In its 9th year, still raising money for Bury Hospice and local charities, Chris "Bucko" Buckley [Mr Glaston-Bury] and his miniature army of volunteers are out in full force to put on another fabulous day.  150 bands, 10 venues, 12 hours of music - every one volunteering their time and talent.  A £6 wristband gets you in everywhere.  What's not to love about that?


See you soon!

Ramsbottom Festival - Adventures of Salvador open the show!

YES!  It's now been officially announced so

we can share the news:

Adventures of Salvador

are opening the show!

Ramsbottom Festival 2015

be there Friday 18th September at 5pm!!

Busy Bees are we!!

Well it's all go 5 gigs in 9 days and opening act at the wonderful Ramsbottom Festival....

it's a busy time in our rock and roll world...and recording the album as well.....

not moaning it's great!!!

So tonight 28th it's The Crescent Salford

Sun 30th Besses fest @ The Coach & Horses Besses o' th' Barn

Mon 31st Glastonbury-bury - outdoor main stage from 5pm

Then Friday 4th The Railway Chorley with Taser Puppets

and next Saturday 5th September - Kings Fest at the Kings Arms Salford

(a firm favourite of ours and our 3rd year there)



Believe it or not, there's much more to come so keep checking with us, on here, Facebook, Twitter.....

Summertime Music Bonanza!

Oh yeah - it's coming to a close - Summer that is.  Yes, we know it barely started..;

BUT Adventures of Salvador are back out on stage and performing to squeeze the most out of the last days of summer so let us throw some life and fire back into your life and join us on one of our Bank Holiday Weekend Gigs!!!


Starting this Friday, 28th August, at The Crescent Pub, Salford

then:  Sunday 30th August at Besses Fest (For Christies) at The Coach & Horses, Besses o'th' Barn

and finally the BIGGIE - Glaston-Bury 2015 on the main stage


GO ON - get the details from our gig lists and pick one - or two - or go mad and see us at all three!


Look forward to seeing you all there, peeps!


Glaston-Bury 2015

Hello, folks....how's the summer going?  Yeah, well as various members of the band are off in search of what sun they can find, trying to recouperate for a while, things are on the move elsewhere.

So - the next Bank Holiday is soon to be upon us and what better way to spend it than watching Live Music all day?  August Bank Holiday - Monday 31st August - is just 3 weeks away.  The event? 


Have you not been yet?  Well, Adventures of Salvador have supported this for the last 4 years and this is the fundraiser's 8th year.  The event is the dreamchild of Christopher "Bucko" Buckley and has grown and grown.  A gathering of the finest local bands (and some less local!) who all contribute their time and talent to the cause without fee, come together in the town of Bury, Lancashire, to make it one huge music festival.  The town centre comes alive with music of every genre.  Purchase one wristband at just £6 and you get into every venue to see every band.  Great atmosphere and a great day.

This year Adventures of Salvador's spot is on the Outdoor Stage - come see us!

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