Tickets going fast for Kings Arms Festival

Hi, folks..... a little break for us as we try to fit in some time out between us all, but still lots going on.  So, while we're at it, here's a memory jogger - tickets are going very fast for Kings Arms Festival in Salford (4th to 6th September).  It's always a great event at Paul Heaton's pub and some special moments have occurred for those who have attended the last few years including impromptu performances by Paul Heaton and Jackie Abbott.  As they say - "music, comedy and unexpected surprises" and we can vouch for all of that!

It's our 3rd year invited back and this time we're on at 5.30pm on the Saturday.  As usual we'll be ditching the gear after our slot and getting back to enjoy the rest of the evening.  It's not to be missed!

Looking forward to giving a great performance this year now we're in full force (Ollie's first time there).  Come and support us and treat yourselves to a great weekend/day/night - tickets are just £16.50 (inc £1.50 booking fee) for the whole weekend, Friday to Sunday and are available at:




Another weekend blown away....and the fanbase grows

BOLDLY going where most originals bands dare not...and converting them along the way!  Raise The Roof 4 was a resounding success and being the only originals band on the Friday night might seem a little daunting, but with Nigel commencing with "don't worry folks, you probably won't know it because we wrote it" they were warned - and within 5 minutes were dancing and bobbing along to all the Salvador greats.  Merch-girl was kept busy and we went down a storm - so thanks for all who attended, thanks to all who continue to spread the word and the music and to all who supported us by purchasing!  Thanks especially ELR, fantastic crowd , lights , PA, stage,..... Had an absolute ball.... Massive thanks to all involved especially Michelle Morris, Rob, Nick and all the Mainline guys...and all the other staff and volunteers...  [professional photos will follow, but here's Lucy's great little snapshot from the night!]


Local Rock God celebrity "Dan Heston" of "Heston" fame played The Brook this Saturday and look what he was sporting.....just sayin....

Adventures of Salvador will get into your bones, ya know....everyone's guilty pleasure!

Don't Forget! Raise The Roof 4 TOMORROW

Hey.... Just a quick catch up, tomorrow is Raise The Roof 4 and we are raring to go on what looks like a great do...see you there if you have tickets!

We're on about 8.15/8.30 and will be bringing the only original sound around!

Adventures of Salvador doing it again as only we know how!


Coming up..

Well it's still all go at Salvador Towers....

We are still writing rehearsing and out gigging...

The next on is on Friday July 17th at Raise the Roof , at the The Trackside in Bury;  it's an annual festival and Friday is a 5 band line up including Thin Lizzy and Pink Floyd...we are right in the middle of the bill, so we can enjoy the post gig beers, It's selling out fast so get a ticket (now only available from behind the bar at The Trackside!).  BTW Kiss are on the next night too.....

We can also announce that we have started recording our Album! Won't be out for ages though we have a lot to get through but keep tuning in for exclusive previews as and when.....loads more gigs in the diary too details to follow..... Ta x


Raise The Roof 4 - 17th July



If you haven't got your tickets yet, they're sold out online - BUT

still some available from The Trackside Pub (Platform 1 of the East Lancs Railway, Bolton Street, Bury) - get down there asap!


Breaking the vow of silence!

Finally we can let you all know about this one!!  A while in the planning, we're now officially authorised to announce this restricted ticket gig on Saturday 28th November 2015:

Adventures of Salvador along with the fantastic Surfin' Dave, will be supporting Wreckless Eric in the wonderful settings of Bury Art Museum.  Click through for more details on The Met's official website:


With special guests Surfin Dave and Adventures of Salvador


Grab a ticket while you can - due to the relative secrecy of the event to date and the unique venue, tickets are strictly limited!


We can now announce (and we are over-the-top-excited about this)

on Saturday - that's TOMORROW - Adventures of Salvador will be playing the same stage as:

Brummy Indie Legends THE NIGHTINGALES!

One of John Peel's favourite bands, they even appeared on his desert island discs list.

Critically acclaimed new album out on John Robb's "Louder Than War" Label.

Live this Saturday along with Adventures of Salvador at The Crescent Pub, Salford.

Also on the bill, the marvellous "ILL"....and much, much more.


We are on about 8.30-8.45 but the fun starts early doors!

This weekend - NOT Glastonbury!

Nigel, our diva bassist, co-frontman and general all-round good guy wants a word with y'all:

"Righty ho then, now I know some of you might be drifting down to Somerset to stand in a muddy field watching Lionel Ritchie... But there is a better option especially on Saturday ... As we are playing at the Crescent with ..some other bands and one particular FANTASTIC headliner that we can't announce just yet! .... It will as ever be a brilliant night, with proper toilets and a convenient bar.... If you do want to replicate the festival experience you are more than welcome to listen to us from the car park whilst periodically pouring pint pots of warm p*** over yourselves then sleep in the park... So just get down to a civilised event and boogie your little hearts away xxx"



Cadence Festival 2015

Just a Huge THANK YOU to The Queens pub in Tyldesley, the Landlord and John the soundman - you held it together, looked after us and we had a great night.  People were fab, too.  Want to know what they thought of us?  Here's the message they sent:

"Hello - thank you for playing for us.  We've had some good feedback from those who saw you guys.  Your contribution helped make the festival the success it was and we'd be honoured to have you back next year.  All the best until then ~ The Cadence Team"


YEP - it's nearly here!

The 5th Annual Cadence Festival

If you want to know a little of the history behind it go to:


We're the headline act at The Queens Pub on the Saturday night - 10pm we're on, so no excuses, it's not a school night, it's a SATURDAY night which means staying out late and having FUN!!

Get yer dancing shoes on and get down to 141 Elliot Street, Tyldesley where we'll really entertain ya!

Bunker Club reignited and other stuff

What a fabulous gig at The Bunker Club at The Two Tubs in Bury  again last night!  Thanks to George, Stormie and all the staff

We had a great crowd and mucho fun - amazed at how many badges we sold!  So 80s they've come round again??

Next Saturday we are at The Cadence Festival in Tyldesley, headlining The Queens Stage and back at the Crescent Salford on the 27th with Randolph Swain .... It's all go I tell you , keep checking in for more news...

...there'll be another special gig announcement immintently!


********************BREAKING NEWS********************************


We have now been given permission to announce that for the third year, we have been invited to play at The King's Arms Festival, Salford!

The Kings Arms present a full weekend of Music, Comedy and unexpected surprises.

Tickets are £15 and cover you for Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Numbers are strictly limited so get them now!

Previous line ups have included The Farm, Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott & Cherry Ghost.




perform on the Saturday 5th September at 5.30pm

but come for the day - you won't regret it, there is so much going on,

not to mention the great bar, good company and home made food!





Coming soon Adventures of Salvador badges!

Express your love of all thing Salvador

Three for a £1 .... Bargain !!!!! Special requests catered for as well....

Watch this space... or better still...come and watch US!!

(we wrote a) Pop Song - shop for EP here

EP now available to by in the STORE here - but far better to come see us and buy direct!

It's June, it's cold, wet and windy...

So what better way to cheer yourself up by listening to some upbeat tunes??

We've added to Soundcloud, and the latest EP "(We wrote a) Pop Song" has been released and is proving popular.  You all know Soundcloud really doesn't do us justice - we have to be seen to be believed!

That's one of the reasons we included 4 bonus tracks from a Live Recording at The Crescent Pub, Salford earlier in the year...It's us, untouched (though most definitely not unplugged).  The soundman Jim Watts recorded it for us and has graciously allowed us to get it out there.

So keep in touch with our shows list, follow us on Facebook etc and try to fit in a trip to see us bounce about the place - and join in!

It's Here - It's available TONIGHT!


The Latest EP from Adventures of Salvador is OUT NOW

and in our grubby mitts ready for tonight's launch party:


9.30pm @ Blind Tiger, Bolton Street, Bury


Ditch the Eurovision, give the TV a miss for the night, let those

cover bands and tribute bands alone...and come listen to some real

original, spirit-lifting, body pumping, smile-inducing sounds for the night!


FREE ENTRY and the CD, should you want to support us with a small purchase,

is a BARGAINOUS  £2.99 only !

That's £2.99 !

For the marvellous studio version of (we wrote a ) Pop Song

AND 4 (yes 4) bargain tracks - Live and unfettled recordings of us at

The Crescent, Salford, recorded by their sound man Jim Watts earlier this year

This Weekend - Bank Holiday Fun!

Hey you lot ...

Don't forget there are two , yes two ( count em) opportunities to see us this

Bank holiday weekend ...

Saturday we shall be playing at home, that's Blind Tiger Bury of course , much madness and new stuff too.....and it's kinda like a launch party for...

the newest of our CDs....the Pop Song EP!!

Then on Sunday we have the honour of playing at Minefest, at Moston Miiners which looks like a fantastic day all round we shall be hitting the Main Stage at about 3pm hope you can make at least one of them ....

Gig Update

Hey everyone , how are we all??

Right this is how it is for the next two weeks......

Saturday we shall be at Blind Tiger Bury ,an evening of fun frolics dancing and an after party...we're on about 9.30pm and "launching" our new CD "Pop Song" - which comes with a few bonus live tracks!

Sunday we are on at Minefest at Moston Miners , a top day is planned , quite stellar line up and it's a family friendly event we shall be on the main stage at 3pm , it's a who's who of Manchester music just about,......

following on on Friday 29th we are at The Station Hotel, Ashton Under Lyne.... And doing two sets as well a whole evening of fun......

For those who haven't seen us in a while , it's evolved nicely , Ollie has added so much on drums and we have so much new stuff that we barely recognise what we're doing ,it's an absolute joy for us ..... See you all soon, ta

Another day another dollar - what's next?

Fantastic gig on Friday with The Bunker Club at The Two Tubs Inn, Bury.  Lots of bouncing and frivolity - and not only us!!

It means a lot to see people dancing and enjoying what we do; there weren't loads of you but you made a lot of noise and filled the room ....thank you....

Now coming up the rest of this month Sat 23rd , Blind Tiger to get in too... And Sunday 24th Moston all dayer with a stellar line up too.....and the following Friday 29th at the The Station Hotel, Ashton Under's all go and an ep to get out......

Another gig - NEW TUUUUUNES!!

If you have forgotten, we'd like to remind you we are appearing at The Two Tubs, Bury again tomorrow night.  As Dave Jones put it, using his words:

"Hey up, we go again with the ever wonderful Bunker Club at The Two Tubs this Friday the 8th of May with our groovy friends Adventures of Salvador and Anthony Magictallguy Jordan it is going to be hectic and quite frankly it would be silly to miss it. We start at 8pm, do you really need to be anywhere else?"

If that doesn't temp you in, how about this....note we will debuting three new tunes on Friday so be among the first in the world to hear them and oh, we are soooooo excited!!!

It's been a very long "short" week - come shake it from your boots with us!


It's May already! Where's the year going?!

Lots afoot at Salvador Towers and May is a busy month again for us.  Keep an eye on our ever-growing Gig List and induldge in a little May Madness with us, join us at a gig and see us in the flesh!

Working on getting the new single out to you and adding some bonus live tracks just to prove we can do it!  Still, nothing gets the giggles and energy across like being in the room, so do what you can to catch up with us this year!

Stay tuned, Lovelies....and May the 4th be with you... *groan*



- but to be re-scheduled at a later date!!!


Sorry, folks, but due to unforeseen circumstances with folk at The Crescent tomorrow night's gig has been cancelled, to be re-scheduled at a later date.

We know a number of you have made plans to be there and really appreciate the support.  Unfortunately these things happen and despite our best sideways thinking, in this case the show really can't go on!

We are really gutted, not just for us, but for the lads in The Rocket, who have made a big effort for this.  All updates and the new date will be announced here and on Facebook as we have them.  Meantime, Get Well Soon fellas!!

News and reviews

Well, Friday's Bunker Club at The Two Tubs, Bury, might be in its infancy but it is well on its way to becoming a regular thing if last week was anything to go by!

Sam Tomlins is well worth checking out and if you're passing, pop your head in.  A few people made their week by doing just that.  If you didn't make it, here's a review from "Dave Jones" - the Bunker Club's initiator/boss/promoter:

"Well, what can l say? Another great set from Sam Tomlins who just gets better and better and a mindblower from Adventures of Salvador who left scorched earth. Bunker Club takes a break for a week but will return with more delicious music"

Don't forget this Saturday you can see us at The Crescent, Salford - and we're bringing with us another young local band "The Rocket" who have squeezed in some time between studies to make an appearance.  Come and take a gander and let the music smash away the week's stresses and strains!

TOMORROW at The Two Tubs, Bury

Post from Dave Jones (The Bunker Club):

"Well, the weather forecast is great for the weekend and we have the perfect start for that at The Bunker Club at The Two Tubs in Bury this Friday with Adventures of Salvador and Sam Tomlins from 7.30pm, we just know you are going to love it. Here is a cloud you might like;
get on it y'all.


You heard the man!  Get yourselves down there and kickstart the weekend with a TUUUUUNE!!!

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