It's been a great Bank Holiday weekend here at Salvador Towers.  4 big nights in a row and most calories consumed were alcoholic....but the fun doesn't stop here!  If you didn't get chance to see us this weekend, we're staying local to Bury this week and will appear at The Two Tubs pub on Friday (opposite the Parish Church).  Those who ordered tee-shirts with us should be able to pick them up then!  Meantime, get out and enjoy that sun while you can!  Be good to each other!

More radio play

The Punk Show with SD 75 by Sonicdiary on Mixcloud


Oh Yeah!  Two plays in one show!  Normally appearing on the BeReet Radio show from Salford City Radio, we're now included in The Punk Show - and what a play list to be included in!  Go check it out folks - this is one worth following.  You can hear both Ping Pong Head and Children of the Worm in one show - and listen to some other great hits while you're at it!  Thanks all!

More merch...

We've added the first of many-to-come tees to our Merch page.  So now not only do you not have to wait until our next gig to buy your CDs from us, but you can turn up dressed for the occasion!

More to come, but we'll fit it all in when we can!!!!!

Go check out our Store

Don't be an April Fool!

You have two chances to see us this Easter Weekend!

Easter Saturday is the Radcliffe Live Event - the launch of the new Radcliffe Market/plaza - and we play the bandstand by the pub at 4pm!  Great timing - before the football and after the kids have had their faces painted and are in a better mood for a boogie!

On Easter Sunday, we're back to our spiritual home, Blind Tiger Bury, for a grown-ups gig.  We're on about 9.30pm with a longer set and new songs too.  If you've not had chance to see us play with our not-so-new drummer, Ollie, yet - you have been missing out!  Get down and give your ears a listen and your feet something to dance to.  No work on Monday, either, for many of us, which makes a rare change!

Either way, it will be a weekend to remember see you there....


Music Player Switcheroonie!

Quick update - we've mixed up the music player a little so you have 3 new chooooones to listen to.  Coming soon - a taster from our Live album ...oooOOOOoooooh!!

Gigs Update! Newly confirmed!

We can now reveal we will be playing the 5th Annual Cadence Festival, appearing on Saturday 20th June 2015!  More details will follow, but we've been given permission to let just the cat's whiskers out of the bag for now!  So all of you kicking your heels on that weekend, or local to the Tyldesley area - make a BIG FLUORESCENT NOTE in your diary/on your calendars to get down and support the event!  If that's not enough for you - go check out Doctor and The Medics' gig list....yep, they're gonna be there on the Saturday, too!!!

Stay tuned......it's a good 'un!

Midweek Music! Come see us Play!

Come on Down!

Wednesday night @ Night & Day Cafe, Oldham Street, Manchester

Four bands for £5 - or £3.50 if you're on our Cheap List!

Quartz Carousel  //  Adventures of Salvador  //   Rogue Network  //  Artizans

We're third band on at 9.45pm!  Contact us through Facebook to get added to the Cheap List, or email us:  theband@adveturesofsalvador.com


The next gig - get added to the Cheap List!

Wed March 18 

Night & Day’s Local Showcase…

Performing: Quartz Carousel // Adventures of Salvador // Rogue Network // Artizans

£5 // Doors 8:00pm



Adventures of Salvador @ 9.45pm

Want adding to our cheaplist and get in for just £3.50?

Let us know!  Contact us through Facebook, twitter or send us a message at: theband@adventuresofsalvador.com

Come in, say you're here to see Adventures of Salvador

and get in for just £3.50!!


Reviews from the frontline

Whilst it's great to get a good press review, it's the opinion of our followers that we want to know about and your feedback is the most valuable.  So, we thought we'd share some - give you a clearer idea of what we're all about:

August 2014 when Loop Aznavour and Adventures of Salvador became one band a huge crowd gathered at Molloy's in Bury (our Glaston-bury venue for the day) and the quote of the day:

"The two best in Bury - Loop and Adventures of Salvador - it's pure genius;

like creating one awesome megaband!"

January 2015 when Ollie was released upon the world and our new drummer gave us the final touch we were looking for - at Shangri-La, Prestwich:

"I've only heard them on 'tape' before now (?!) and they were great -

but Live, they are something else - absolutely amazing!"

and last week at The Crescent we heard many great compliments from a very lively crowd, but here's something we like posted to our Facebook page: 

"Is the live at the Crescent release still potentially on the cards? ...the new stuff works really well. Dog House needs a proper studio big volume version. Still, I'd be happy with a live taster. Keep up the good work chaps....during the Crescent gig a punter turned to me mid tune and said

'its the Pistols with a f-in theremin!' No finer compliment could be given..."


Appreciating the lot of you, here's to the rest of the year and hoping we can continue to blow you away!  Thanks for following - and every one of the new Likes on Facebook, Tweets on Twitter and CDs sold mean a great deal to us - as much as you turning out for the gigs themselves.  Cheers.



Music Player Tunes Swap

Yep - we've mixed them up a bit and you can now hear Children of the Worm and Cynical Bob.  We're working on releasing Pop Song and also have pleas for our latest creation Dog House to be released - working as fast as we can to satisfy all demands!  In the meantime, hop to the music player for the new taster selection!

Not-so-typical Sunday

Ok, the typical bit is the recovery from the night before.  The not-so-typical is we're spending this grotty day at the studio laying down some sounds and getting more of it out there!

The night before we recover from was a fantastic gig at The Crescent (check out new photos) and usual after party at Blind Tiger, Bury to the early hours- thanks to all for attending on what was, to be fair, the type of weather that made you wanna stay home!  Feeling alive with the buzz and having the crowd pogo-ing to ping pong head always makes us smile.  The new Dog House track went down a storm - cheers, folks, means a lot - another to get onto CD sooner rather than later!

Tonight at The Crescent!

Come on Down!

Adventures of Salvador will be playing live (is there any other way??) with The Ascension and Stalagmites - looking to be a great night with a great line-up.  Look, it's cold and it's miserable - get yourself down there, get amongst it and cheer yourselves up with a proper top gig....you know it makes sense!

B-Fest confirmation

Easter weekend, Adventures of Salvador will be supporting and appearing at B-Fest, Bolton's big music festival....date, time, venue etc will follow - that's all for now folks!

Upcoming and fabulous!

Yay, we're back at The Crescent, Salford this Saturday for a gig - all details in our gig list.  Great night anticipated by all of us!

Then Sunday we're laying down some new stuff, recording one of our latest singles by popular demand!  Meantime, the calendar is looking good for the year - still looking to fill it up though!  Gigs gigs and more gigs - let us at 'em!  We're here to thrill !

A quick thanks...

to all of you checking in on our new website.  Thanks to you, we've now moved up to the front page of search engines - where we belong!  No money exchanging hands and no expensive Ads - just human word of mouth.  Thanks a lot folks - much appreciated.

More to follow - lots a' happenin' this year and gigs-a-plenty!  Keep an eye out for updates on the website, Twitter and Facebook!


Ciao for now!

Heads up from Facebook

hi pop pickers just a quick hello.....things are busy at Salvador towers .....it is true we all live together just like The Monkees,enjoying many a zany moment together.......gigs being booked plans being hatched for further releases,rehearsing and writing some top new tunes too .....so if any of you knows of any gigs going in feb or early march do let us know we are itching to get out there....

Also, we're almost at our first 1000 likes (everyone loves an optimist!) on Facebook, so check us out on there and introduce us to your friends, we'd love to make that 1000 mark .... ta



Raise The Roof 4

Final fixtures and all details as provided by The Trackside, Bury (see Facebook!):

"Raise The Roof returns and is bigger and better than ever before.....

Visitors of The Trackside at the East Lancs Railway will have noticed that there has been progress on the canopy that the previous Raise The Roof events have funded.... The foundations are in and the roof is ready to be raised!

The event will take place on Friday 17th July and Saturday 18th July, bands kicking off at around 6PM and continuing throughout the night!

There will be a wide range of acts on so there will be something for everyone.

Tickets will be £10 for one night or £18 for both nights! They will be avaliable from The Trackside bar soon! We will keep you posted on when they are avaliable so keep your eyes peeled!


Black Rose - www.blackrosethinlizzy.co.uk
Adventures Of Salvador - http://www.adventuresofsalvador.com/
The Fallout -
Manc Floyd - :www.mancfloyd.com


Love To Hate - www.facebook.com/LV28UK?ref=ts&fref=ts
BigFoot - www.facebook.com/bigfootukrock?fref=ts
Into The Void - www.intothevoidtribute.com/
The Cellar Machine -www.facebook.com/thecellarmachine
Krazy Knightss - www.krazyknightss.co.uk/

Also Jez Mansfield will be appearing on both night to add some magic! www.facebook.com/JEZ.MANSFIELD.MAGICIAN

We will also be having a merchandise stall where you can pick up some tshirts as a souvenir of your night...

And to top it all off we will be having Pizza Loco in to do us some fresh pizzas that you can purchase throughout throughout the night! www.pizzaloco.co.uk/our-pizzas.php

We hope to see you there!!! "

As do we - come on, we're second act on Friday evening and will be starting your weekend with a bang! (or at least a very loud boogie!)

Hard at it

New year, new website, new twitter account, updated links, memberships and emails flying across the ether faster than the internet itself can handle!

Much in the pipeline and a load of work going on behind the scenes here in the dungeon of Salvador Towers.  More gigs pending and pencilled in and we're going all-out to get the word out.  Stick with us, fellow peeps - it's gonna be a fun year!



TONIGHT: Shangri-La!

Hi all you lovely lovely people:

Just a quick reminder that its our first show of 2015 tonight and after our Christmas break, we are proper excited and up for it too!

It's at the wonderful Shangri La...which is held at the Carlton Club,Prestwich ...about 200m from the Heaton Park Metrolink station.  Its a wonderful night regardless of us being there.  Tonight's other acts include Ben Mellor ("Spoken word guru, won the 2009 BBC Radio 4 Poetry Slam, nuff said check him out") and Little Rach ("a wee folkie with a punk spirit).  Copies of our latest EP will be available, too.

......cheap beer,free haribo,raffle and pies only a fiver......

What better way to kick-start your weekend?!

Well done Ollie!

Well, Ollie had his debut performance on Friday and wow, we smashed it.  We have notched it up, guys.  We have entered a whole new dimension with a live drummer and as a foursome have really found where we're at - and enjoying every bloody minute of it!

Thanks to the fantastic audience for creating such a great atmosphere, for buying CDs, for supporting live music and a great night, as always, organised by Jo and gang - Shangri-La! is a once-a-month event and one of the best nights out you could ask for.  Fabtastic entertainment, great people and won't break your bank.  Check it out.

We'll Be Back!  Meantime, our gig list continues to grow - various doodles in the pipeline, lots going on - keep your eye on us!

New Twitter Account!

Well, look at us fairly pogoing through the world of social networks!  We're ditching the old twitter account and have set up a new one, with updates reflecting on the website homepage.

So, come on down and start twittering - find us and "Follow Us" at:


We'll try keeping you as updated as we are(?!)

Shangri La!
Shangri La January 23rd line up.
And a Happy New Year to every last glorious, charming and ravishing last one of you!

Sooooo, This is 2015 eh?
Yep, not impressed so far, but you know what?
Maybe that means its simply going to get better and better until it ends up being the totally best year we've ever dreamed of, full of world peace, joy, laughter, exotic holidays,  new friends, free crisps and kittens!
And for those of you who just can't muster up that level of misguided and hoplessly naieve positivity...
Don't worry, be not downhearted for we're here for you!
Like a love filled, life affirming, thermal hug. To warm your cockles, lift your spirits and verify once more the unparralleled benefits of live performance and cheap cheap beer, it's
Shangri La!!!!

This Friday
January 23rd
The Carlton Club
Bury Old Rd,Prestwich
Doors open 8pm
A teeny fiver entry

Come, bring your weary troubled souls and lubricate them in this pool of talent ...
We give you the wee yet mighty
Little Rach

"A wee folkie with a punk spirit " and "Like Joni Mitchell meets Pam Ayres, via Johnny Cash".
She prefers to let others decide for themselves.
 A beautifully pure voice, a true sensibility for live performance, and songs that will make you laugh, cry, and wonder.
So, that's exciting...
Next you shall bathe in the linguistic gymnastics and lyrical charm of the very talented and equally lovely

Ben Mellor
He's wordy, he's musical, he's been know to be beat boxy and he's always brilliant and he needs to update his web page.
And then to wash you down in a lather of soapy sensuous cleansing melody, with a healthy froth of invigorating lunacy with give you the sensational
Adventures of Salvador
They're funky, unhinged and unique and there in Prestwich just for you!

See, lifes not so bad after all.
See y'all there kittens.
Seriously there's nowt on the telly.

Lots of Love
The Shangri La
This Friday!

Hey everyone - remember we are out playing this coming Friday at the wonderful Shangri La at the Carlton club Prestwich!

It's just by Heaton park metrolink station - the best night out in town:

4 turns - cheap beer -  raffle - free sweets - and sometimes even pies......and only a fiver .... See you there xx


Don't forget to check us out at www.soundcloud.com/adventuresofsalvador

We've updated the band profile and the whole of That Ping Pong Head E.P. can be heard there!

Raise the Roof!

We can confirm we will be playing at the East Lancashire Railway's annual ale & music fundraiser this year!  Friday 17th July - times, tickets and further details will follow later in the year!

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