Frankly folks, this could go on forever, but we feel there are some people we really need to send a "Shout Out" to (keep yer pants on if you don't see yourself on here!) - and before we start, it goes without saying Huge Thanks to all "Salvadorians".  Question is if a band plays to an empty room, do they still make a noise...?

Firstly, a nod to Joe Clarke, one of the original band members, now off on his own adventures - lovely fella, all the best.  Check out his solo project backinhumanform (Facebook, Soundcloud etc). In that basket also comes our first real drummer (replaced Johnny Zoom) Oliver Nicholson.  Ollie was the band son - and still is family.  Good couple of years, fella.  Off to pastures new with Sittin' Pretty we hope all his dreams come true.


Quick mention to Phil "Towers" Round for the early vids, too - great work, check him out.

For many photos and films over the last months/years:  JONES THE CAMERAMAN - Cheers, Jonesey!

Christopher "Bucko" Buckley


On to some formal mentions:

Jo Haydock, Dave Heald and all the fabulous people who make Shangri La happen

Vicky at The King's Arms, Salford for all the Kings Arms Festivals we did!

Gareth at Night & Day Cafe, Manchester - fantastic each time we've played

Arjan for having us on at Big Hands more than once

All venues involved in Glaston-Bury who donate to the cause, the volunteers - and Pizza Pioneer for their incredible contribution to the bands who give their time, travel and perform for the love of it.  If you've never been, it's August Bank Holiday and rain or shine is a brilliant event.

Steve and Tony (Be Reet - Salford FM)

Graham Scott (Blood Under The Tracks - All FM)

Diane Marie and Raymond Rowe (New USB Radio) - oh, and Glenn Jackson!

Tico Clavero (Fjs RadiO, New Jersey)

Lee Crocker (Bury Collective)

Stephen Marley at Chameleon Promotions for the Chameleon Stage at our first Ramsbottom Festival appearance (we had a ball, though one of us did fall foul of the fruit lager!).  David Agnew and team of the Ramsbottom Festival organisers at The Met;  long may you continue.  We loved our further appearances in 2016 and 2017

Andy, Joe and Titch at Red Bridge Studios

Dan Tanner (not of Vegas fame, for anyone old enough...) and Colin Briggs at Big City Jacks Studio - great working with you fellas; New York Tony thanks for the most recent creation!

Phil Green at Blue Room Studios for our first single - patience of a saint!

Phil Bulleyment, Edwin Street Studios for our first album - who totally "gets" us and our sound.

Simon Cobb at Express Duplications for our early CD production

Heston, for supporting us - seriously, having Dan Price, front man and Slash-lookey-likey, tell us he doesn't understand us, but he loves what we're doing, is the biggest compliment a fellow musician could receive!  Proof you don't have to like the same stuff to like the same stuff!  [and Heston's invisible member, Darren Woodhouse is possibly amongst our biggest fans, along with his young son! Impeccable taste!]

Final thanks to Elvis, The King, for his divine guidance; to Simon Cowell for making us so angry we still want to do this at our age - and to Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass - just because.

Actually, while we're at it - thanks to our other halves for not enduring but encouraging what we do! Meet the women behind the men:


Debs is the long-time roadie for the band, takes most of the photographs and deals with merch sales.  Oh, she also built and runs the website, twitter etc.  She's the elected manager of the band - but will be very happy to have an official Band Manager step in anytime to set up our world tour....!!  Especially as hers is taking off at a pace; heard of Vanity Dare...?

Want to know MORE?? Put down your laptop/ipad/phone and get out there; come see us and do your bit to keep music LIVE - always available for impromptu interviews and a damn good laugh with anyone!


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