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Drum Roll for Bank Holiday Music Fest
9:30am Saturday 27th August 2011

BURY is staging a Bank Holiday Monday musical bonanza with more than 100 rock acts and DJs performing at nine venues in the town.

The feast of entertainment is being provided to mark the fourth annual Glaston-Bury fundraising event which promises to be the biggest and best so far. Once again, money raised will go to Bury Hospice which has benefited to the tune of £16,000 from the past three events.

Bands and other musical acts will perform from noon and right through the remainder of the day. Music lovers from the borough and beyond are expected to descend on the town. Among those performing will be Tom Hingley (ex-Inspiral Carpets), Dave Sharp, formerly of The Alarm, The Rainband and Together.

Venues featuring the live acts during Glaston-Bury are: Blind Tiger, Wyldes, Two Tubs, Molloy’s, Brambles, The Flying Shuttle, Verve and the Elizabethan Suite. DJ’s will be performing at Indigo.

Chris Buckley is one of the four Glaston-Bury organisers. He said: “This is by far the biggest event we’ve put together. It’s been hectic. We always want as many bands as possible from Bury and the surrounding area to take part. But bands are applying from all over.

“All this started because of a play of words involving ‘Glaston-Bury’ and we decided to put on our own mini-festival. It’s just grown from there. And right from the start, we chose Bury Hospice as the beneficiary.”