Ramsbottom Festival - Doghouse
Sep 16, 2016
Last song of the opening act and the consensus was - they nailed it
Salvador's Theme
Feb 12, 2016
Farewell to The Railway....
Salvador's Theme is their opening instrumental
Tales of Male Bravado....into Anne Boleyn
Feb 12, 2016
Two melded into one.....fabulous
Children of The Worm
Feb 12, 2016
If you haven't sussed it's about computer worms
Peppermint Twist
Feb 12, 2016
You'll likely have heard a dozen different versions of this - Mark likes to mix it up a bit with the Gretsch!
What About Us?!
Feb 12, 2016
What about us? We're sticking pins in your universe....
Homage to an era!
Ping Pong Head
Feb 12, 2016
Everybody's favourite
Pop Song
Feb 12, 2016
If you know your history - we're The Oldest Brand New Sound
Feb 12, 2016
Usually done as an encore - DOGHOUSE!!
Ed's Place - a snippet
Jan 15, 2016
A snippet of "Ed's Place" captured by Risa Hall on Friday 15th January at The Bunker Club, Two Tubs Inn, Bury

The lovely Risa Hall graced the stage with us (along with Charlotte!) and filmed this at The Two Tubs Inn on Friday -...

Posted by Adventures of Salvador on Sunday, 17 January 2016
Glaston-Bury 2015: Main Stage 5.45pm
Aug 31, 2015
We had the pleasure of being part of Glaston-Bury again and this year were on the main stage. Courtesy of Mainline Show Productions and Digital Tree who covered the sound/video, here we have a live feed from the day. There were some great bands on, so if you have time watch them all - for our spot, just go to 07:53 ....enjoy, guys....
Peppermint Twist @ Raise The Roof 4
Jul 17, 2015
Raise The Roof 4 - the East Lancashire Railway's annual fundraiser
Pop Song @ Raise The Roof 4
Jul 17, 2015
Pop Song with it's variable ad-lib break in the centre!
Anne Boleyn @ Raise The Roof 4
Jul 17, 2015
Opening number to a crown used to cover bands!
"Minefest" - Moston, Manchester
May 24, 2015
Adventures of Salvador, live at Minefest, Miners Community Arts and Music Centre, Moston, Manchester, UK, 24/05/2015.
Death of Me
May 23, 2015
"Pop Song" EP Launch @ Blind Tiger, Bury
Children of the Worm
May 23, 2015
at the "Pop Song" EP Launch @ Blind Tiger, Bury
Anne Boleyn
May 23, 2015
At our "Pop Song" EP Launch @ Blind Tiger, Bury
Video/photos for the event by our good friend Jonesthecameraman
May 23, 2015
live from Blind Tiger, Bury at our "Pop Song" EP Launch - filmed by our talented friend Stewart Jones (Jonesthecameraman)
Doctor Rock Memorial Gig
Jan 10, 2015
Despite Dave coming down with flu, the show must go on! Here's us enjoying Cynical Bob

Filmed yet again by Jones the Cameraman (thanks, Stewart!)
Ramsbottom Festival 2014
Sep 20, 2014
Fruit lager has a lot to answer for!
This is one of Loop Aznavour's re-vamped - Children Of The Worm
(that's computer worm......)

Filmed by an almost sober (emphasis on the almost) Jones The Cameraman
End of the Line Review @ Blind Tiger
Dec 17, 2013
A Christmas Special - here we are with Salvador's Theme

Stewart Jones did the camera work - find Jones The Cameraman on Facebook!
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